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    Fourth of July Advice for You and your Pets

    Jun 25 2014

    The fourth of July is the bomb for most of us humans , but for our pets it can be one of the most stressful days of the year. The fireworks displays…

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    Dr. Greg Who?

    May 02 2014

    Dr. Castle’s loyal blog readers may know him as their pet’s veterinarian, but many do not know our blog author like this:  Who is he? Father. Husband. StepFather. Son. Brother. SportsNut Amateur…

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    Pet’s in your home: common problems, issues AND solutions!

    Apr 24 2014

    1. Inappropriate urination in cats: Some cats will urinate in the house due to medical issues. Infection or inflammation of the urinary tract or even kidney, liver or thyroid issues often lead to…

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    Common wive’s tales regarding your pet’s health

    Apr 17 2014

    Dr. Castle busts some common myths about our pet’s healthcare… Have more? Comment below and let us know!  Spot’s nose is not a common indicator of how sick or healthy…

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    Questions dog owners may have, but are afraid to ask…

    Apr 11 2014

    1. SNIFFING OF FELLOW CANINES REAR ENDS…WHAT ‘S UP WITH THIS? Dog’s have two anal glands that sit in the 4 and 8 o’clock position just inside the rectum. They release a foul brownish,…

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    A veterinarian’s story: Raleigh

    Mar 28 2014

    It was a beautiful fall day in Portland with a light frost on the ground, clear skies, and the leaves just beginning to change. I was at work and anticipating…