May 02 2014

Dr. Greg Who?

Dr. Castle’s loyal blog readers may know him as their pet’s veterinarian, but many do not know our blog author like this: 

Who is he? Father. Husband. StepFather. Son. Brother. SportsNut Amateur Impressionist. Prankster. smarta**. Adrenaline junkie. goofball. WW2 afficianado. Native Oregonian.

Greg believes that people who work incredibly hard tend to be very lucky, loves the saying “there but by the grace of god go you or I”, does not mind that his kids all get tired of him preaching the usual be humble, be respectful, always give 100% no matter what you do.

Greg has a duffel bag full of hats and costumes from around the world, sets of fake teeth, moustaches and fake cigarettes that he loves to bust out to accompany him to a particular gathering. He loves cars, fast cars, animals, mountains, limericks, alternative music that his family cannot tolerate.

He still hangs out mainly with many close friends from childhood. He understands that he has a million flaws and makes mistakes daily, puts his foot into his mouth, says insensitive things and acts like a buffoon regularly.

He truly loves his crazy blended family consisting of his Spanish bride, four kids and lots of critters. You can meet many of them at the clinic hanging out during the day. Greg also loves the quote “It is not only possible to be the person you pretend to be, but there is less effort involved”.

Lastly but surely not in the least his good friend Neil Steinhauer frequently reminds him “wherever you are, be all there”.


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2 thoughts on “Dr. Greg Who?”

  1. cheryl sellars says:

    i first came to see dr castle when i had my other dog baby doll he took care of my dog for over 10 years till she came down with cancer and had to put her to sleep he was the best ever i have another dog and i will be returning to see him again

    1. cheryl sellars says:

      i came to see dr castle when he first opened down at hayden island he has took care of all my animals thru the years

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