Apr 17 2014

Common wive’s tales regarding your pet’s health

Dr. Castle busts some common myths about our pet’s healthcare… Have more? Comment below and let us know! 

  • Spot’s nose is not a common indicator of how sick or healthy he is. Check out your dogs nose and you may notice it fluctuates between slightly dry to soft and moist depending on the day, weather and humidity. A dog’s nose usually feels wet due to glandular secretions that keep it moist. If you notice that your pet’s nose is bleeding, cracked or thickened then this is the time for a veterinary exam.
  • Garlic given to pet’s to eliminate fleas. It doesn’t work.
  • A distemper shot has nothing to do with your pets temperament. It will prevent your pet from contracting the distemper virus however.
  • Burnt motor oil will not cure your pets skin disease and gasoline will not kill your pet’s intestinal parasites.
  • Mineral oil or hydrogen peroxide placed into your pet’s ears will only make any problems that are present, much worse.
  • Dog’s scoot their butts on the carpet because they have worms. Actually this is due to irritated, infected or impacted anal glands.
  • If a dog or cat scratches, then it must have fleas. May be true, but there are many other underlying causes for itchy dogs and cats.

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